Queen Maria's Romania

Welcome to all the new people who follow this blog, great to have you here. Jump in and comment. Queen Maria of Romania is an interesting figure to say the least.

Before the war she was flirty and vain, and a pain for the King at the time. Yet once she became Queen she showed her passion for the Romanian people, in her won dynamic way.

Some suggested that she was the power behind the throne, and yet she never allowed her husband to feel that she was leading. They had a unique relationship, as many times people suggested that her children weren't her husbands.

The case could be made for the last of her children... as Hannah Pakula argued. Not the others. she had six children though there was the one about...

She was a writer of considerable talent, and she had a charisma few could withstand.

And she gained Transylvania for Romania after World War I.


PurestGreen said…
I enjoy the facts laid out in your blog, but I find I am wishing for more of a story. Little nuances, metaphors, a scene that erupts in the imagination. I am reading about Transylvania, but I can't see it, taste it, smell it.
Unknown said…
I love the royal tidbit, like Purest Green, I'd definitely love to hear more about this illustrious queen.

Great post, though! I love the varied content here. =)