Royalty and Transylvania

Hi all, I have so many people to thanks today, for coming to this blog, you know who you are so please take some time to comment and to see some of the other pages and series that are going on on this blog. I just finished a city series, and check that one out.

I'll give an overview of why royalty and Transylvania have a link. For me I've always love royalty and history. For those who don't know ( and there are a lot!) my family is from Transylvania. In fact my parents were both born there. They were Germans, who were known as Saxons. So my interest in Transylvania is about my own past as well.

I've wanted to link my three passions together: my personal history to this place, my love of Royalty and my love of history in general. I had thought about doing a piece on the legends of the area, but everyone in the West knows about Dracula... maybe next time.

I found my passion of royalty works with Transylvania since the area had so many Kings, Princes and Queens. Some of them were not as well known and some where. Some are even buried in many of the cities in Transylvania.

Mary of Hungary and Maria of Romania both I think are the polar opposites of each other. Mary lived in the late 1300s, and while Queen of Hungary her life was filled with tragedy, and she never rose to become what she could be. I think people remember her more for being the last of the family to rule Hungary. ( Her family had links with Anjou, and English Kings). Maria rose above what people expected and became famous in her won right for doing everything she could for Romania and Greater Romania.

Royalty no matter what fascinates me, especially since many of them knew the land they lived in. Transylvania is unique since it had it won prince for many years.

That is the value I think makes Transylvania wonderful and the people who helped create it interesting.