A Soul of People and Life

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Everyone is right. Transylvania has a soul and a heart that can't be found anywhere else. Maybe because it lives history or because the land is beautiful. Or more likely it is the people who make it beautiful. It is in my opinion the most beautiful place on earth.

I finally was able to speak with my grandmother on her memories of growing up in Transylvania. She is a Saxon, (for those who don't know, the Germans who lived in Transylvania were called Saxons.) and lived there for much of her life. She loaned me a book on her village that she grew up in and I'm slowly making my way through it.

My German is passable, but certainly not my Saxon. But it is interesting to see that the houses and land hasn't changed, it is as if time as slowed down in this area. The pictures that she showed me are similar to the ones I received from friends of the village. The only difference really is the fields are greener, and the houses are not white. If your wondering she lived in a little village called Oberneudorf, even before 1950 it had about 800 people living there, close to Bistriţa .

I must add the pictures of the meadows and the forest is wonderful and I strongly suspect that the land hasn't changed all that much. Many of the people who have returned to see their villages spoke of being allowed to film and take pictures of their homes, and the Romanian people go out of their way to keep the land as it has always been.

Yes, tiberiu, you are correct the soul is in the countryside. It is the heart of Old Europe.


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