Sunday Wrapup of The Cities of Transylvania

The cities of Transylvania have been a unique experience for me as I haven't been to Transylvania before. I interviewed people I knew who came from the area and used the power of the Internet to write about each city. Thanks to all who commented on the posts.

Tomorrow we'll begin my most favorite series. This is about the Royalty who influenced the people of Transylvania. Some are buried there and some are not. Some influenced from afar, while some lived in Transylvania.

I have a list of about 25 people, and I'll share some of them whom I'll be writing about to you right now, if there are more you'd like me to add please comment. If there are some that you think should be dropped tell me as well.

Mary of Hungary, Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, Emperor Karl of Austria, Stephen Bathory, Maria of Romania, Ferdinand of Romania, Stephen of Hungary, Andrew of Hungary, Michael the Brave, and this is just the start.


Anonymous said…
This is intersting that you would mention two insignificant villages after you write about the cities.

But I see your point.
Edward said…
I had to reread this one, but I see your point they are significant to you.