Transylvania and the Cities Within It. Part 12 of 17

To those who are new, welcome. I'm still on a voyage of looking to find the best cities in Transylvania. If I miss any or anything or you'd like me to add one, feel free to comment.

This city is an ancient city as well. I've wanted to visit this area for a long time, and although it is not the first place on my list it isn't one would miss out on either.

Sebeş (Romanian) Mühlbach (German), Szászsebes (Hungarian) is one of the seven fortress that the Saxons refer to in the name Siebenburgen. This is [primarily built by the Saxons of the area, although some suggest that a Romanian population built it long before.

There is the church and the walls that are a sight to behold with much of the building taking place in the 1200s, after the Tartar invasions that destroyed much of the land. The city hall is also elegant and unique and houses many artifacts.

The population is now 90% Romanian but there is a small number of Saxons who live in the city. Although it is considered by the Transylvania Saxons as one of their cities they never had a majority population there, in 1850 they comprised about 30% of the population.

Still I want to see the land, and the city. It seems to be unique with all the cities, that I've mentioned, since much of what is written about it seems to be about the relations between it and other cities. It is Alba county which might have a factor in this.

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edward said…
Why is it a seven city to them?
IF they never held the population historically...