Transylvania and the Cities Within It Part 13 of 17

Oradea (Romanian), Nagyvárad (Hungarian) is a large city in Transylvania that lays near the border of Hungary. 

It one of the many cities where until after 1966, the 1977 census shows that the majority of the population identified itself as Romanian, the majority of the population was Hungarian.

One of the attractions that bring many people to see this city is river which runs through the middle of the city. It had both Romanian and Turkish influences as well. As the Turks captured Oradea in the 1500s. The city itself in mentioned as far back as the tenth century. Later A citadel was built but later destroyed , the ruins can still be found in Oradea today.

One of the most interesting things about Oradea is that many Kings and Queens of Hungary or the principality of Wallachia were buried within the city. Between the years of 1096-1437, there were eight Kings and Queens buried there. Some have interesting histories of their own.

The place I would most want to visit in the Roman Catholic Church in the city which has been there for centuries. For a time it was a museum and now is part of the Roman Catholic Church once more. It is known for its artifacts and dinosaur fossils.