Transylvania and the Cities Within It. Part 14 of 17

To those who are new welcome. The city adventure continues. Zalău (Romanian) Zilah, (Hungarian) Zillenmarkt or Waltenberg (German) is a wonderful city in the heart of Transylvania.

Its history dates back hundreds of years, and is referred to in many documents. In some it is referred to as "villa" but this is confusing to me as villa can also mean one or two houses. I'm assuming the city as a whole and not one or two people.

There are many historic site to see many of them in the arts of the religious aspect. A theater and several churches are places people refer to in the tourist industry in North America ( granted, when I went to an office to speak to a tourist agent she seemed amazed that I wanted to see so many cities. Alba county yes, but this one county not much information.)

Not far away from the city is the ruins of the Roman fortress with its temples and monuments, and yes, I want to see that.

This mainly historical Hungarian community is now populated by Romanians, but it will be interesting to see how the cultures interact with each other.

I'm mentioning this, my next series will be on Royalty. ( From Romanian, and Hungarian, and beyond) Three more posts....