Transylvania and the Cities Within It Part 17 of 17

Well this is the last of the series, I've hoped that you've enjoyed it. My newest series starts on Monday. I'll deal with Transylvania's Royalty. I'll be writing about the people and the places in Transylvania that made them a vital part of its history.

I've always want to visit Transylvania. That much I think you've all gleaned from this blog. Please see the other posts if you have not. I've come full circle, my parent came from Northern Transylvania and for a long while I avoided talking about it. Not from shame, but from a lack of knowledge about the land they lived. More because in North America there is a lack of information about Transylvania, or Romania or anywhere in Eastern Europe for that matter. I'm not referring to the tourist guides or travel guides, but to the history books or biography books of the place.

I can say that the area has changed a lot since my parent left in the 1950s but much of it has no. The land is still beautiful and mysterious and has so many cities and places to see. I want to see as much as I can. Possibly to reconnect with my past, and to help others learn more about the real Transylvania.

I am adding one more city to my list, and while some wouldn't call them cities, for myself they have an important meaning. The villages surrounding Bistritz or Bistrita is the one place i will most enjoy going to. This is where most of my family grew up. They all have fond memories of the land and the places they played in.

The area is mostly farming communities, and some are close to the edge of Bistrita, but it makes it easier to get to them. Many of the building still stand, which is a testament to history and to the people who founded these villages. There were always Germans and Hungarians and Romanians and Roma living in these villages. In some cases even Italians and Russians lived in these villages.

Most of them I know by their German names, not by their Romanian but I'll list them here: Pintak, Heidendorf, Oberneudorf, Petersdorf, Senndorf, Burgehalle. All these villages and cities I want to see.

I hope that you've enjoyed the city series and that you'll join us for the royalty series. Please add who you'd like me to talk about.