Transylvania and Royal People

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This post is about John Hunyadi, a man born to a mistress of Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund. Or so the legend goes, what is certain is that he became a powerful man, and is now considered a national hero by both Hungarians and Romanians. It was his son who reign longer and did more to promote his father.

He fought countless battles against the Ottoman Empire, and aided in the rise of both Stephen the III of Moldovia and Vlad Tepes III of Wallachia. Both man would rise to different levels of fame, as Stephen is considered a saint in the Romanian Orthodox Church and Vlad became know to the Western World As Vlad the Impaler, or Dracula.

Johan Hunyadi was raised in the royal house of the Holy Roman Emperor which gave rise to the belief that he was Sigismund's son. Some of the legends about his birth vary but one of the most interesting come form the fact that the family crest was changed to add a Raven to it after his birth.

He became and powerful general and he would live long enough to see a victory that would ensure peace for 70 years in his Hungarian land. It was not war, or killing or something historical making, but the plague that killed Hunyadi.

He is buried in the Roman Catholic Church in Alba Iulia, now present day Romania. Above is a picture of the tomb, and is beloved by many in Hungary and Romania.


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