Transylvania and Royalty that Mattered to it

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Mary of Hungary is unique among the people who lived as royalty. She was born to Elizabeth of Bosnia and was by her own right heir to the thrones of Hungary and Poland. She died at the age of about 24 since her year of birth is said to be about 1371. Her parents had four children, all daughters, and Mary was the eldest surviving of them. Her is certain, as she died near Buda while pregnant with a son, who died soon after his birth.

Her husband was Sigismund, who became holy Roman emperor and married a cousin of Mary's Barbara. History doesn't record why he married her, only he did.

Mary of Hungary though lead a life that was filled with intrigue, her mother was strangled before her. She accused her husband of planing this murder, and from then on lived nearly separate form him. Later it was said that her husband to revenge on Mary's mother's murderers.

In her family she was the last of the Angevin dynasty to hold the throne of Hungary. She is buried in Transylvania.

My Question for the day is this: What made Mary so important since she didn't leave any surviving heirs?


Anonymous said…
how did Mary help herself if she wasn't a queen? or was she you didn't make it clear, but if you check out wikipedia that should give a bit mroe information.

Also, her husband became Holy Roman Emperor after her death...

Why do you think she was so important?