Writing to Transylvania

(This is a bit of a letter I wrote a while ago. It's to Transylvania.)

Dear Transylvania,

Sorry I'm not doing such a great job promoting you on my blog. My book is coming along and it's about you. Yet, the passion in it is not there. It's possible that I feel no one will care what I have to say about you.

My friends it seems, spend most of their time asking me what would make me want to continue writing about such a place. As yet I haven't come up with a good answer. Most people don't comment, though I know a lot of people come to see this blog. I guess they see what my friends see, that the writing isn't passionate.

You are a very passionate place. You have a past and future that I can only dream of. Your cities each have wonderful stories, but I can't seem to harness that passion. You have hundreds of people who claimed a place in history, and their voices are trapped in the mists of time. I need to bring them out.

I'm sure some might be better at this, but yet you called me. I am determined to do better. Far about the whining of children, and the time I lack. I'll do better. I love the land and the people and the passion that you give. I'll be putting that back into this blog. And my writing.

As always, with a bit more passion,