An Answer

To all who are new, welcome, great to have you here. Yesterday I asked a question, and today I'll give you an answer.

The man who I showed in the picture, is a pastor from a small village, as with many of these men he worked with the farmers and the people of each village often for many years. It was oftentimes a thankless job and the people who looked on him with fear, and a heavy dose of respect. The children were taught that this man was to be respected and not talked to.

It must have been a solitary life, and yet hundreds of these men did it with grace and wit. They would care fir their members and help them through difficult times. The people for their part took care that the pastor had his needs met. This would all change, as in 1947 the communist government took power.

Still, the people respected these men for all the work they continued to do. They did so in the face if danger and possible jail.

When the communist government fell, the pastors took to rebuilding and caring for the people of Transylvania as they had always done. To me, this makes them the reason people cared about these pastors and this in turn allowed them the most influence