A Deceptive Question.

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If you were either a Romanian or German or Hungarian in Transylvania what are your thoughts on the others?

Think about this one for a minute or two, because I could write it for many of the countries in Europe with many different cultures coexisting in one country. They may not want to live in that said country, but they will not resort to violence,


Don Thieme said…
I have some German blood myself. Hungarian people have always impressed me as having a love of life, being quite romantic and sophisticated and still very grounded in their rural lifeways. I have very little knowledge of Romanian other than the gypsies who originated there. I have the impression that Romanian people are a bit more agressive than the Hungarians but also like to live a fast and furious life in cities.

As a German, I would presume that we make the whole place more efficient. Make the trains run on time, etc...