Happy and Joy in a land They Left.

To all who are new welcome, this post is vastly different from others, so bear with me, for a long time I've beaten around the bush, so to speak and not written about the land that my family lived in. If it's long winded sorry, but I'll try to keep it to the point.

Dear people of Transylvania,

I must say, you've kept up a wonderful job of keeping the trust in the land, it is truly beautiful, and someday I shall return. This being said I still feel longings for a present I lost, and the past people forgot.

We were Germans after the war, criminals in many eyes, yet we lied there for centuries. We spoke both Hungarian and Romanian, yet kept our culture. We farmed the land, and yet, kept a different religion. For a time we held more land, but lost it.

We claimed seven major fortresses yet, were the largest segment of the population in only one. We wanted into Romania, yet complained when it did happen. I suspect this caused more pain than what it accomplished, and for this I am sorry.

We were not superior yet, we acted like it, and for this our culture is all but extinct. We claim to love the land we came form yet few go back. Fewer still went back.

We were the Saxon people and yet, we wanted to something we were not. We wanted to be bigger than a small group that we were.

I wish I had more time to learn about all the cultures you have to offer, I wish that I could learn about you. Not just from the Internet or from old stories but to touch the land once more, to see the land once more. To make it a part of my life, once more.

I hope I get this chance. It will give me happiness and joy and friendship I'd never think possible otherwise.