A Land Touched by War

Welcome to all who are new, add a comment and enjoy. I'm busy trying to figure out a tough question so perhaps I'll leave it with you and you can decide the value of it.

If there was always war in the land why are these older women happy?
I know that in the past hundred years Transylvania is a place where all seems peaceful, but the land is coveted by many. In the last hundred years the land was a part of Austria, Hungary, Romania. Yet, many wanted it. It was the passageway to the West and the way to the East.
It has so much natural development, and people. Yet, for many this is the reason that there is tension. This isn't a land of civil war. That is why I would suggest that the people are happy, they are touched by war, but not consumed by it.
Why do you think the people are happy?


I'm afraid you're going to have to start with the easy questions--just saw Jeopardy (a TV quiz show), and the final question was what arboreally-named European region had a resident famous for impaling his victims on stakes, and only 1 of the 3 finalists was able to come up with Transylvania! (One guessed Dracula's forest and the other guessed the 'bloody forest'!) So you have your work cut out for you!
zamolxis said…
@prodigal tourist: Most people don't know what Transylvania (or Erdely) means, unfortunately.

@rebecca: For some strange reason, people who have the hardest lives also laugh the most :)
Don Thieme said…
For some people, smiling is a custom. I think that you would have to talk to these women to find out if they are truly happy.