Transylvania and the Austrian Empire

This is an old map of when Transylvania was a part of the Austrian Empire. I would argue to yesterday's email that this is not something that Austria would want as a part of their country if it was small or insignificant. By the way the grey part is the Austrian Empire, and the part with Transylvania is situated inside that, on the right.

Why would Transylvania be so important to Romania otherwise? 

It borders what was Romania and had many people of Romanian origin who lived there.  Some like the Saxons, had history dating back to the 11th Century. ( I would suggest longer, but the numbers, in written form are not there.  the earliest census was in 1241.)
This is the land that holds so much beauty and life... it is important.  it is a part of many people's lives, they grew up there or have roots in the land.  They know how powerful this land is to them, and to others.

My Question for today is this: Can you find Transylvania using this map?


Unknown said…
yes man i can see where is Transylvania. Its in Hungaria where it belongs. Sorry man but i have to say Romania stole from us this land Parcium(Crisana) Banat, nad Transylvania. I dont know why romania got Parcium and Banat to when in the agreemant of trianon it was just Transylvania. Ok but the clock is ticking and the agreemant of Trianon says that these lands will be returnd after 100 years. I would like if you answer my opinion couse i didn't found a romanian man who would be intrested in history like you. By the way don't think that i'm a snob from hungaria, i dont like hungarian hungarians eather, more like hungarians from budapest, their not like translvanian hungarians.I'm from transylvania too. If you think you can give an e-mail addres of something,mine is