A question of Transylvania

What do you know about Transylvania? To all who are new, welcome, and think about this rather simple little innocent like question and you'll be amazed. some of the answers I got are as follows:

Dracula, like from Bram Stoker.

Some where in Europe? I think.

Isn't that the place you always talk about... in you blog? (Okay this is a blog about Transylvania... so of course I write about it)

Was it a part of The European Union? ( Sort of but, within another country...I do believe. Help on this one)

What is your point of view?


Shurik said…
I like transylvania, I like the castle type buidings there, Transylvania is a region in Romania I guess in North. Yeah they say Dracula used to be there, but I dont think Dracula existed. This character was made by other Europeans. I heard there is a festival in Transylvania where girls and boys come and meet each other, and then they choose who is going to be there life partner for the rest of their life. Well I would come there if it is true..lol. Ai grija de tine.
Unknown said…
Things I know about Transylvania (that I didn't learn from your blog or knew before then)? Hmm...

Like Sanskar said, I know it is now located within Romania. It's a neighbor of Wallachia, which is where Dracula was from. People mistakenly think he's from Transylvania, but he was really Prince of Wallachia. However, his mother was a Transylvanian and he lived there during his parent's exile from Wallachia.

Transylvania is part of the EU via Romania, the country it exists within.

Transylvania is home to many different peoples (though I didn't know about the Saxons til I read your blog). It has a high population of Roma (gypsies -- my people).

The main language of Transylvania is Romanian, which is a Romantic language derived from Latin, with slightly foreign influences (possibly German, Slavic, and Baltic -- I'm not sure).

Aaaand, that's really all I knew before reading your blog. lol Your blog has really been very educational for me.
Deviki @ Viki said…
Transylvania = to vampire stories and dark castle LOL ...bgut i know that country has way more to that....I knew that Transylvania's main language is Romanian i learned about that while doing a mini project on that country ....cool blog