Romania, Hungary and Transylvania

The Romanians didn't need Queen Maria, although she would have helped, but they needed these three men to get back the Northern half of Transylvania. It was returned to them because it was deemed a cultural piece of Romania.
They didn't get Besserabia, or other territory, but they were given back Transylvania, thanks to Churchill and Roosevelt. Neither man saw a problem with returning territory back. They didn't think much of the consequences. the angered many people. The Hungarians of Transylvania feel that they are a minority that is pushed to the side.
Stalin didn't care provided that Romania and Hungary were part of the Soviet sphere of influence
My question for today is this: who do you think made the choice and though about the people?


Peter Fogarty said…
Thank you for sharing this with me as I areally keen to learn as much about Romanian history as I can!