What is the Most Important Thing About Transylvania?

Welcome to all who are new, and would like to comment, please do. I have but one question today. Comes from an email to me about Transylvania. It is one I am hesitant to post, but one that I think has points that need to be addressed. Here it comes

"I don't think that Transylvania is as important or vital as you say it is. It is akin to Scotland, a part of another larger country group, the United Kingdom. It had its moment of glory but is a part of another country, that of Romania. While it is alright to speak of the past, I doubt that anything important will ever come to Transylvania, it is a small part of a tiny country, and it will never be important. It would be the same as suggesting that Belgium or Luxembourg have the same power as, perhaps, Germany or France. These places are all to insignificant."

Let me be the first to say I do not agree with this email, except for one point, it had its moment of glory. I think that in time it will again, it is to wonderful a place to be forgotten.


PurestGreen said…
I certainly don't agree with the email with regard to Scotland, which has one of the farthest reaching immigrant influences in the world. A small country, yes, but one that has been a massive inspiration of countless people.
Unknown said…
That email angers me. I'm a Stuart, a MacDonald, and a Campbell. You don't get anymore Scottish than that. To belittle Scotland's importance or history is absurd.

The same goes for Transylvania. It's a nation of its own, even if it's part of a larger country now. Doesn't change that. At all.