The Countess of Blood?

She was known to many as the Countess of Transylvania. Yet, I would honestly say that many would call her the countess of blood. She had a fascination with young girls and more specifically their blood.

Elizabeth Bathory feared death, or old age, both really, and int eh end thought that the blood of young girls would keep her skin young. Legend has it that she hit a young servant girl across the face and drew blood, which fell on her hand. It made the hand appear younger looking.

Madness descended upon the castle and any young servant girl would have their blood drawn and she would "bathe" in the blood. Of course it only ended with she began to believe that the pure blood of nobles daughters would keep her more beautiful and younger.

Then she was not put to a court but walled up in her castle where she died there.

The numbers where left uncounted but some say it was at least 600 girls.