A Link To the Past, A Link To The Present.

The church that the records were stored for many years, possibly centuries.
How does one link themselves to the present through the past?

It's interesting to find bits and pieces of information about family that is "hidden" for example, my family was as Saxon as Saxon could be in Transylvania, or so the story goes. That was until I went on a bit of a journey, well past my great grandparents. Normally our family when doing history covers the male line, but I went I looked around the line of my great-grandfathers mother, and nothing.

I am saying this again, nothing. I was able to through use of the church records come up with her last name "Lorenz." When I mentioned this there was a collective "what?" No I must be mistaken, or well, read the writing wrong. It took a while, but finally one of my great uncles made a comment that for a time, way back in the 1880s there were a few Italians in the village, and they married within their culture, but some women, some women, married into the Saxon community.

I wonder....


dwntherbbthole said…
Sounds like an interesting journey... A few years ago I found a family on my mother's side that went 24 generations back and it was really fascinating. Good luck : )