The Line of Bram Stoker and the Germans

Mentioned in Bram Stoker's famous, or infamous novel, Dracula, this is Bistritz as the Germans would call it, and one of their seven castles.  By this, the name they chose came from the direct German to English version of "Siebenbergen" or Seven Castles.

Now that doesn't look so scary does it? (Okay, I admit it's light out, so the tower and the hills are bright and beautiful)

A Start to Tomorrow's series: Can you guess what it is?

This is one of my most favorite reviews, I can say that this is one of the best novels in the Romance genre I've read. I enjoyed in and read it twice to give my honest perception of the book. It starts with a character I can identify with, Madeline, and her job in the everyday world.

Eva Gordon is a wonderful author who draws the reader into the book with a grace and intelligence and captures their imagination. Werewolf Sanctuary is amazing.

This is a superb beginning to her series, which I can't wait to review when the next book comes out. I'll be recommending this to anyone, and it can be bought at amazon, for a very reasonable price.