Of Werewolves and Awards

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Please also read the I have more to say on a rather passionate subject of mine.

This is one of the more fun articles I have. Ever since reading Eva Gordon's book, I've done some research as to werewolves in Transylvania.. or at least the legends.

Of course this meant talking with my parents and their cute stories about werewolves. In fact unlike Dracula, whom they had never heard of until they came to North America, they had indeed heard of werewolves.

I asked them about the difference:

My Mother: it was something believable, as they used to have some very large wolves, who only seemed to come around certain times. These larger ones, seemed almost human like in intelligence. They could get almost anything the wanted.

My Father: After only hearing stories it wasn't until my mother commented that a larger wolf would be immediately feared, they could kill a man, and they also seemed very intelligent, as they could avoid traps and hunters very well.

But were they werewolves?

No, they weren't but it gave rise to the legend since they were not seen often, usually in the moonlight, or in shadows, and they were intelligent as well. There were also few of these larger sized wolves, which is probably the catalyst to their idea of werewolves.

Neither one of my parents had heard about silver bullets or anything like that.