Publishing Sucks (Or Publishing in My Mind)

From Living a Life of Writing
Dear Publishers:

I am writing to tell you that at this point I've tried and tried to get something going with writing and this blog in particular. I've followed all the rules and did all the work and what do I have to show for it? Nothing. Publishing Sucks.

Publishing should be at least challenging and fun, and frankly, right now it's not. I'm over caffeinated, overworked, and running fast out of time to get anything done. I have NO one who actually cares about this blog, or my writing or anything to do with publishing. I simply get letters of rejection and snide comments from people who should know better.

Publishers, I do want to get a book or even several out, published and in bookstores, but that looks and seems so far away. Heck if I can't get people who are my friends to come and read this blog, why should I think that I would be allowed to get a publishing contract with you?

Publishing Books is hard enough. The fact that No One cares is worse. I simply need to chat with any of my close friends to know that writing isn't something that they do. Even if it was they certainly won't read anything I've written this much is clear.

I should sit down in front of the Television and waste my life there until I become a fat slob eating nothing but junk food. I can't and won't do that insanity, and yet I can't convince myself that publishing doesn't suck... nobody listens anyways.

Or do they? You are, right, or you've scrolled to far, which one is it? other writers slave away like me some days never believing that their dreams could become a reality. They do it with just as much time as I have and for this I should care. I do about them.

Yet, we never consider ourselves better, especially when there is little support. I've heard way to many times when you're done this "thing" will we get a break. My answer no.

Publishers, do you understand what every writer who really wants their work out needs to go through? I suspect you do, but I'm not talking about the bottom line, I don't understand that, I simply understand passion, which I am quickly running out of.

Still I can say one thing, this blog is my version of online publishing, and I am a writer. Something that I can say proudly, even if no one reads this I am still a writer.

Rebecca Emrich
Living A Life of Writing
Things about Transylvania

PS, this is a rant I've done about the quality I've been feeling about the blogs I run. Tell me what you think.


Hi Rebecca,

Don't give up, but don't rely solely on people around you, either. Join a writer's group - local or online. Try Forward Motion: (support and improving your writing)
or Query Trackers forum: (which is supportive, but mostly about improving your query)

Don't give up, and don't go it alone!
- - Deb, the Magic Seeker
Medfordhouse said…
I subscribe via RSS and really enjoy finding out more about Transylvania, not just the Dracula stuff. It's an amazing part of the world with such great history. Stay strong, :) we appreciate it.
Thanks tyo all for you kidn words, they mean a lot, my book on Transylvania is in teh final draft due on September 30th.