Robert Browning and Transylvania

What Does Robert Browning have to do with Transylvania?

There are also many stories about how the German Saxon people of Transylvania came there. Some have a fairytale like quality to them. Some are rooted in historical fact, and some have a bit of both. For the German Saxons where they came from is as important as where they were living. Even the Pied Piper has a bit of the history of Transylvania in it.

The flute of the Pied Piper still calls us to follow him to Transylvania. At least this is what some versions say. The Robert Browning poem, based on this story, ends with the verse that the children went to Transylvania from the German town of Hamelin. ( Or at least the book of the poem that I have)

I wonder.... could Browning know something we don't?