Romania: Transylvania Tour

As you all know I would love to go to Romania. I think I found a way go to Romania and Transylvania on a Transylvania tour. I suspect this is the best way to go. With a tour I can see all the historical site, and some of the tourist attractions, for some I am certain it will be Dracula.

So which cities will be on my tour? The main cities I want to visit and explore on my Transylvania tour are: Alba Iluia, Bistrita, Brasov and Timisoara. The rest are also big, but I doubt I'll feel complete without these cities.

Little Vienna as one of these cities is known as, the city of my ancestors, a coronation city, and a reformation city all will add to my love of Transylvania.

A Church in Timisoara

A busy street in Brasov

A View of Bistritsa

Alba Iluia as it can be seen now.
Any other cities you can suggest?