Transylvania and Romania

I've always loved looking at map and maps about Transylvania and Romania are the most interesting aspect to me. This map below is from just after World War one, and I look at it frequently. It's interesting to see how much hasn't changed since than and yet....

It has. I never thought about it much until I really looked at this, Transylvania isn't on the border of Hungary which is where people always describe it as. More maps things tomorrow.

Okay now for something new, I'm hoping to create a bit of a sensation here so help me out: I'll be putting three travel blogs or blogs about a country at the end of each post, just link back to this one and pass it on to three others we are a community here, so let's get the word out!

England Rents, Rants and Raves. he certainly knows his stuff, and this is a must read blog.
Financial Tactics. One of the first to support this blog. Thanks so much.

and last but not least...
MedfordHouse blog. Thanks Scott, for letting me know about the RSS feed!

Let's keep this one going.