Transylvania, Romania and Hungary

I've been writing this blog for a while in order to promote understanding about Transylvania, but there are some days when an emaill come and make me wonder what people really think. I write on hubpages as well, and as it stands, I do get emails, but I felt it best to post the email and my response there.

OF course it has gotten some great comments already and I encourage you to read it. I made my won comments about it aftwards, and some that I feel are important.

Back to the best part of this blog the other blogs whome I read about that I feel others should look at: If you do read this bog and you are the author of one of the blogs below feel free to add a link back to this blog, and add three more.

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and last but not least,
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Aww, thanks for the shout out, Rebecca! I worked a 10 hour day at work and this was a nice surprise! Thanks, girl! :)