Relations between the Cities of Transylvania and Bucharest

Below are pictures of Timisoara, one of the many cities in Transylvania, and since 1989 the relations between this city and Bucharest haven't been the greatest.

Some of teh beutiful building in the city.

Why is this?
They were one of the first cities to join the Revolution of 1989 which led to the downfall of the communist government.


Lucian M said…
Hi there,
I Just want to point out that Timisoara it is not located in Transylvania, but in Banat, a historical and geographical region that covers parts of Romania and Serbia. It was indeed at certain stages part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and has a similar ethnic diversity with Transylvania but is a distinct region both geographically, historically and culturally from Transylvania. Thank you and I love your work and blog!