Relations between the Cities of Transylvania and Bucharest ( My Mistake!)

I've always wanted to talk about Transylvania, mostly because my family is from the area, but one relative in particular is from Timisoara, and she tends to refer to the area as a "part of Transylvania"

My mistake. (Read it here.) As Lucien M. pointed out, it is a part of the Banat, which really isn't a part of Transylvania, and it is distinct. I found this map, now in the darker region this is the Banat area, and the Transylvania region is the lighter colour.

Maybe I should start saying that this is a Transylvania and Banat blog!
You tell me.


Lucian M said…
Thank you Rebecca for considering my comment regarding Banat vs Transylvania. With the risk of being annoying let me point out that the darker region on the map you've just posted includes 3 distinct regions of Romania : Banat, Crisana (pronounced as 'krishana') and Maramures (pronounced as 'maramooresh')
Since one of the main ideas about your blog and Transylvania as well, is in my perception, cultural diversity i would point out that Banat enjoys a heritage of Serbian, Romanian, Hungarian, German(Shwabes mostly), Rroma ,Austrian cultures while Crisana has mainly Hungarian and Romanian influences while Maramures is a rather compact Romanian ethnic region with quite interesting particularities in terms of tradition, architectures, folklore etc. (Look for wooden churches and the famous Merry Cemetery in Sapanta!)
What is somehow common, in my opinion, to all of these regions, including Transylvania is the predominant 'Mittel Europa' cultural and social influence which sometimes puts it in contrast with the other regions of Romania, Valachia, Moldavia, and Dobroudja (referred to by many people in Transylvania as 'The old Kingdom') which have more of a Byzantine and French influence.

Thank you Rebecca!
lucian I should get you to guest blog!