Transylvania, and Its Peoples

As most of you have seen on my profile picture either here or on blogged or on hub pages, this is my picture.
Cute, you might say but why?
Well, my family was from Transylvania, and they were known as the Siebenburgen Saxons. Up until a few years ago I knew little of the life they lead, not for lack of trying but for the simple lack of the oral history.
Yes there were books, but the next time I hear that we came from Saxony I'll scream. No, my family came from the Rhine area in Germany, to Transylvania in around 1500. There were about 15 traceable people who came to Transylvania.
They stayed there until 1944, and left for Germany.
So the shield to me is important that it reminds me about my heritage, and like the seven castles, that my family is from a wonderful place.