Holidays to Romania

My next big trip will be to Romania as you all know, I've said it many times on this blog. I'm writing about the Second World War and its effects on Transylvania's population, but still holidays to Romania, now that would be a dream come true.
My biggest hope is to go to Bistrista, or Bistritz, as it would be called in my family. Of course it has special meaning as two little villages near the city are where my family lived.
It is partly this reason that my profile has this picture to remind me of why I write this blog. I want people to love the land, the country and the people as much as I do.
So I'll be taking about three or four cities in Transylvania, and the Banat, and telling a bit of their history and lore. If you have a city you want me to feature tell me, I'll be happy to do so.


Anonymous said…
I hope you do go and see your ancestors homeland.
It Certainly will be an interesting visit for me.
camelia k said…
hi rebecca,
I am a romanian and I used to live in Sibiu for a while. I visited Bistrita few times while living in Transilvania. When do you plan to go? I will visit my family next summer to, in Bucharest.
It will be sometime next year, I'll be going with my family, so should be fun for all of us.