Is it Worth Saving?

I'm asked about the natural beauty of Transylvania all the time so I'll send it back to you:

IS the natural beauty of Transylvania worth saving?

There are castles and hundreds of thousands of years of human history in the area, with the beauty of old ruin front and center in many places but still why save it? I believe it should be preserved as much as possible, as if you look at the ruins of Alba Iluia, above the land is green almost like Ireland ( okay I know pushing it!)
Still back to you, is the natural landscape of Transylvania worth saving?


This is just the type of place Prodigal Wife loves to drag me to! Some of her family came from Transylvania, maybe we should visit!
YES it is. I lived in Transylvania, well Sibiu for 5 months out of two years while I lived in Romania. And having been to Ireland as well I can honestly say Transylvania is one of the prettiest places I've ever seen. And I've been around!