Transylvania, Romania and Traditions

I love writing about Transylvania and Traditions, and for me the biggest hit in the last while was this hub one Christmas Traditions in Transylvania. Okay in Romania is the title, but...

I also took a walk down memory lane when my mom told the same stories about pigs in the village she grew up. Now, remember this is in the 1950s so it was a group thing, a party and everything afterwards.

One pig-- about 100 people.  everyone ate, but were still hungry.  At the same time, someone commented that it used to be that people would have one pig-- about 200 people and the village would still go hungry.  They had simply not added anything else to the feast.

This was because in the 1950s most of the land was collectivised and people would share what they had.  Yet at the same time, there wasn't much to go around since many people didn't have much to begin with after the war. 


it's a great begiing this hub, and teh food looks awesome.