Transylvania and Websites: Helpful or Not?

Can you name at least five good websites on Transylvania?

Not counting wikipedia that is...because these days there is incorrect information on this website.  This is something which you will need to think about when dealing with websites and information which is about Transylvania and its history and people.

It is hard to find good sites with some good information that mentions all of the people of Transyvlania in a good light.

Some will argue it's always has been a part of Romania, some will argue Hungary other suggest it should be broken up....  some will qutoe a website which proves their views whereas others will point to wesbites which are factually incoreect.  This is not a good thing.  Ne warned, nothing is good enough since you will need to refer to books and other hisotrical documents.  These are a msut

Why? I suppose people don't know their history and don't understand what it is to be from Transylvania.  Transylvania is a part of Romania but it is a part of Europe as well.

But back to Transylvania websites, can you give me a few whic you beleive will be helpful to read for people?


lorenabr said…

I hope it helps a bit :)
lorenabr-- you are the best thanks!