Some Days Transylvania can't Win...

As many of you know I have been receiving an email from a fellow who has a website in regards to Hungary and Romania and if Transylvania should be a part of either one. ( His answer: Hungary due to the cultural genocide of the Hungarian people in Romania. Yes you read that right.)

I have tried to keep neutral in the debate, I believe that my own feelings should not dictate how other relate to the email....

Still one fellow wrote a comment in Spanish, I am of course the centre of the attack (I don't speak Spanish but I can read it well enough) still I did make a sort of mistake in terms of syntax.

I said "Romania is a part of Transylvania" to him I should have said "Transylvania is a part of Romania"

Still I shall explain my meaning here: I believe that the heart and soul of Romania is its great province of Transylvania, and since my family is originally from Transylvania, we believe that Romania ( the soul) is a part of Transylvania.

and yes, I still get that email ever so often, Chris gave the website on the hub I am referring to, I added the email in italics, my comments about it are after, so before saying I know nothing, everyone, please read the whole piece =)

Some days Transylvania can't win.