Writing and Publishing on Transylvania and Niche Markets

There is a lot of writing and publishing going on these days, but as yet I have not found a good published book that will add to my collection on Transylvania.  I have a lot of suggestions as to what would make a good book, but as yet, many of them are out of print, due to their age or are simply not something that I would be able to read.

Still I think what I am writing about will help with some history on Transylvania, there is a lot of oral history that can be found, and it is suspect when it comes to bias, after all Hungary and Romania-- the people at least seem intent on arguing that point.  Writing and publishing a book will help put some of the theories to rest.  I suspect most will find it interesting, and some won't but to me some one has got to write something.

Publishing a book in a niche market is not as easy as it seems.  There are few people who, outside of writing about Transylvania will have a vested interest in reading more books.  However, there are books out there that come in useful with each topic, in this case learning about the people of Transylvania and where they came to power, or lost it.  The key is to write something that moves people to spend money on the writing.