Dracula: The Myth

Bran Castle in Transylvania in the Evening

It is interesting to read Dracula the undead I bought it a while back and unlike the original book, this one takes place in London. Still Stoker kept the idea alive in this one. ( yes a Stoker wrote the sequel to Dracula. Bram Stoker's great-nephew by the way)

In a way i missed the whole Transylvania element, where the first few chapters deals with northern Transylvania. Dracula the fictional character seems "more" real there.. and wasn't there something about him dying in the last book?

What i found I liked about the original Dracula was that was the element of knowing where everything was, from the roads to the cities, but the main city of Bistritz ( as it is written in the book) is pretty exact.

Great for tourism I must add.