Romania: Where is Transylvania?

Where is Transylvania? In Romania, which is in Europe
What I find most interesting is that, to me it is one of the few places that has a number of different cultures living inside of a small area. For the most part, these peoples are: Romanian, Hungarian and German.
Over the course of history, Transylvania was a part of Dacia, then a province in the Roman Empire and then part of Hungary and then a part of the three principalities of Moldavia, Wallachia and Transylvania, and then a part of the kingdom of Hungary and then a part of the Austrian Empire and then a part of Greater Romania, then during the Second World War, it was split between Romania and Hungary and then after the Second World War it became a part of Romania.
I am not giving any date as depending on whom I talk to the dates are different.
Still knowing where Transylvania is in terms of land, is just as important in understanding the people who made Transylvania. Se I think it is the relationships of teh people that make Transylvania, so tomorrow I'll be continuing the commentary on Dracula.