Transylvania and Relations between Hungary and Romania.

I have a hub out on hubapges which I ever so often want to pull down, but can't seem to because it is one of those things, it gets traffic but more to the point I like it so much, and the debate goes on...

The hub deals with relation between Romania, Hungary and Transylvania. While I make an effort to moderate the debate, I have found one thing to be interesting. most people take a quick read of the email and then comment.

Usually this doesn't worry me except for two reasons: One, they don't read my response, and write some fairly long comments about what I said as a reply. Not to mention that people forget that views are okay to express but not personal insults.

One of the best comments was a person who said Transylvania was a part of Romania since the Roman Period. Hungary only had it for a short time. He got this information from a study that the University of Bucharest gave. For the record: Transylvania was a part of the Kingdom of Hungary which was a part of the Austrian Empire until 1918.

So what are you views?

Is Transylvania a vital part of Romania, but that people should be taught about the History of Transylvania as a part of Europe, meaning its time during Hungary?