Dracula: A Tourist Trap.

This is the birthplace sign of Vlad Tepes. Now according to many sources he was the basis for the future novel by Bram Stoker in the late 1800s.

Really what Dracula and the myth have become are a tourist trap. In fact I would not be surprised if Stoker had not written about Dracula and Northern Transylvania so vividly in his novel, most people who think they know about the area, would not.

Vlad Tepes was a prince of another province. He was born in Transylvania... and yet because of this novel we associate him with Transylvania.

Many of the cities which both Dracula and Vlad are associated with have become a near tourist trap where people simply want to see the sight of Dracula. And no, this does not acre me.. it might be one of the things that scare you the most about Transylvania, but not me...

okay maybe the tourist trap thing might!