Transylvania is Wonderful

I can say this clearly but I believe that Transylvania is a wonderful province in Romania. I may be a bit bias, but I believe I can make that statement with certainty. There are so many wonderful things about Transylvania, so I'll list five reasons why I think Transylvania is wonderful
1) The people are wonderful: It makes the land come alive when someone says that they are German or Hungarian or Jewish or Romanian or Roma and that they lived in a place called Transylvania.
2) Look at the land: There are so many places to see and so much history there isn't a big surprise as to why Transylvania is wonderful.
3) History: Ask anyone about the history of the land and you will get a long story. From Romans to now... it has a story to tell
4) Royalty: There seems to be a fascination with royalty, A lot of Kings are Queens are buried in Transylvania. It is simply amazing to find out who lived and died in this land.
5) Legends: There is so much to be said about legends that people need to simply read a book and they will have a small idea about why Transylvania is so wonderful.