What makes Transylvania so Great?

The things about Transylvania which make people come back and want to talk about the area is its history. Most people forget about the reason that Transylvania is so great. Each city and town has a unique history and most tourists or people with an interest in Transylvania do not realize this fact.

Transylvania has hundreds of town and cities, and often some of the larger cities which people say are a part of Transylvania are not. For example the city of Timisoaria is a part of the Banat, which most people will say is a part of Transylvania.

Alba Iluia is a city within Transylvania. It is the center of the Romanian culture. This was where King Ferdinand and Queen Marie of Romanian were crowned as king and Queen of Greater Romania in 1922. As Transylvania was not a part of Romania when they ascended the throne in 1914, they could not have been crowned there. It was due to the end of the First World War that Alba Iluia and the rest of Transylvania became a part of Romania.

Alba Iluia then is a part of what makes Transylvania great.