When Writing about a Small Place...How do You get Traffic?

A place is one of the hardest subjects to write a blog about. Not only does the writer face a daily reality of writing to a niche audience, they need to know a lot about the area. They have to have a passion for what they do. And unfortunately they sometimes burn themselves out quickly.

I don't mean to suggest that a blog that starts small can not grow bigger and become something greater people want to read, it just takes a bit longer to grow. The upside to writing a smaller blog is that the community is more willing to read and comment on it.

Still, almost everyone wants to draw traffic to their blog website, so I'll list three ways to get that traffic and keep readers coming back to a small blog with a dedicated but smaller following.

1) Write often. It is hard in the beginning to write often, but sometimes all you need to do is to write short post with good content that people want to read. If you are dedicated to your blog, you will see success. This is also a great way to learn more about your topic and the people who follow your blog.

2) Know your audience. Some people visit a blog for a specific reason; they found you through an Internet search and they want to learn more, or they know the area you are writing about and have more things to add to the topic. Learning more about your audience helps you a better blog. Try to think about what makes your readers want to come back to your blog.

3) Links and guest blogs and more links. Another thing that can help a smaller blog to grow is linking between posts. For example if your subject of the day is a city in a particular country, perhaps you can relate that to a previous post about political relations between the country and  city. These links help others find what they are looking for, and yes guest blogging is a must because perhaps your guest has specialized knowledge, and often exposing yourself to different writing styles and audiences will help with your writing and your visibility.

Above all never give up. Never think that not having a big, high-traffic blog is a reason for you to give up writing about something you love. Improve your knowledge and, of course, thank your readers and give them as much to read as possible. Build this community with a strong foundation and you will be rewarded.

It may not be with money, but with joy, with passion and with a big thanks to your readers.

What other ways do you think your blog can be helped by others and by you, the writer of the blog?