Why Should I Care?: My Response

Normally I do not do this but I feel the need to write this post. Someone sent me an email asking me in essence why should I care about Transylvania?

Well, fine they do have a point except for one small thing... well, I care. I might be the only one who does care about a small place such as this, but I will give you my response.

"I care because Transylvania is a part of me, and is a part of my history, I have not been as great in writing this blog as I could, I have not been showing the passion I could, but really, it is a land I am passionate about the Transylvania I love will always be a part of me, and will always show the best to others.

It has created legends, and myths and people and of history. I can say I care about the history more, but the land is what I love as well. Even right down to water buffalo. Yes, true, you might not believe it but true.

I care and I think I have some more work to do, but only to show my passion better."

So, my question who loves Transylvania?


Candhi said…
I love your very beautiful country - b proud :)