Am I missing Something

Okay everyone I'll let you have your voice, tell me what you think of this paragraph:

Heidendorf, in January 1910 was frozen and snow packed. Johann made his entrance into the world with aid of a midwife in this weather. At the age of four weeks he was baptized in the Church. His childhood was a mixture of fun and chores and when he turned four; his father left home with other men of the village and was gone for a long time. His mother and other woman spent a lot of time worrying and praying for the families. There were many tears and some of the men never returned home. Others returned with injuries. When Johann asked what was wrong, he was told that people far away had become angry over the death of an important man, and that the men of the village had gone to make things right for their country. They supported Germany and Austria since they were Germans. As a four years old, there wasn’t much he could do, but it resonated and stayed with him.