Does Transylvania have Meaning? Why Write about It?

I began to wonder why people read what they read and why something so small as this blog makes me love what I do so much more. It is funny, I believe that Transylvania as meaning and beyond simply Dracula or anything else, I think it deserves to be written about and enjoyed to the fullest.

This does mean I should answer this question: why write about something that most readers will not spend too much time trying to decide if they like or do not like something that is written where most of the readers are either quite knowledgeable about the area, or seem to love the legends of the area.

It is not an easy task which is why it probably makes it all the more interesting to write. In the course of the History of Transylvania, a lot has happened and this needs to be told. What is written makes the land more powerful, and people will learn to value the meaning to the area.

So, does Transylvania have meaning to you?