Stalin: Changed Man or Not?

Of all these pictures who do you most identify with Transylvania?

Does any of these men who had an effect on the area seem to have changed in terms of their reputation in the past?

Take for example Stalin, a man who fought against Hitler, and then was viewed as a more of a despot.  A dictator if you will.  The point is that history is not changed it is only our view.  The same can be said about the other important figure of Transylvania and world history.

Micheal the Brave, the man who united the Three Grand Principalities in 1599 until 1600 has some very contrasting views.  For the most part he is looked upon well.

Even Vlad Tepes, or Dracula has some very large contrasting views, some good and some not good.  In Transylvania it is a more positive view, whereas in other parts of the Western World it is not.