How Much Time or Money are You Willing to Spend on History?

Transylvania is not an easy subject to get information on.  For one thing it is located in a country which was a part of the Soviet bloc, and access to much of the information is hard to come by, or in many cases has been destroyed when smaller villages were razed to the ground to build up larger cities.

So, the question is how much time are you willing to put in to find out history, or how much money are you willing to spend to do the same?

Both are important when trying to dig for information, not only to verify what oral history is tell you but to also make certain that you have dates and facts correct.  Not that you should not trust people's memories, but in my case, writing about the Second World war and the Saxons, the people in question are a lot older.

So it is off to fax machines and emails and time, of course which is precious.  This means you spend a lot of time and money on information gathering.  To me, it makes it worthwhile.  As for me, information is priceless.