Transylvania: The Land, Resources and Points of View

There are many ways that one can view the term resource, for many when they hear the term resource they think of natural resources and how that can build up a country and its wealth.  Of course there are other resources such as the people and the local cultures and history.

Looking at Transylvania there can be a simple explanation to many things one: why is Transylvania not a country of its own?

I was asked why I believe that Transylvania never became a country of its own, and at first I thought it was the culture, there are many Hungarians and Romanians, so it would explain why they wanted to be a part of Romania or Hungary.  Still, now the more I think of this question the more I believe that natural resources were the key to not being the country of Transylvania.

Transylvania has a lot of primary resources, from oil in the south to fertile lands and plenty of forests and of course the stone and other natural minerals which are now valuable in the global economy.  Transylvania also did not have a large standing army of its own, and it did not have a large population in comparison to other countries such as Hungary or Chek or Slovak or Romania.

Transylvania does have a strong cultural past, which is good, but it is the resources of the land that made it something to be valued.